Re-send Activation Email

If you've already signed up for cfmHOME and would like us to re-send your account activation email, please enter the email address you provided earlier and we'll re-send that message.

What if I don't receive this message?

If you don't receive this message within a few minutes, be sure to look for it inside any bulk email filters which might be set up on your email account; these may be called Junk or Spam folders. If you're using Gmail, please also check any alternate inboxes you may have such as Promotions, Social, or Updates.

Finally, please note that email delivery involves a number of servers outside of the control of cfmHOME and that multi-hour delays sometimes occur; as always, we're available to help if the trouble persists.

If you'd like to re-start the sign-up process using a different email address, you're welcome to begin again at the sign up page.

Please feel free to contact us if you'd like further assistance.

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